Welcome to Mindinsoma where Shiatsu therapy and Somatic Movement Education combine to create long-lasting benefits for sustainable health and well-being.

Our approach to somatic and mental health and well-being is to help develop people’s potential and sense of wholeness inherent within each human being. We believe that every person has a unique set of talents and capacity with which they contribute to the world just as each cell of the human body is integral and needed for the functioning of the whole. By supporting developing senses and self-awareness the experience of a person’s unique individuality and inner resources is made available to them. Mindinsoma offers therapeutic and educational one to one therapy sessions, and creative health and well-being workshops to groups and organisations in which people are encouraged to explore, imagine, sense in and begin to embody what it is like to live more resourcefully with ease, joy and creativity, and tap into these inner qualities and strengths residing in all of us.

Somatic Mind Body Connection

“There is something in nature that forms patterns. We, as part of nature, also form patterns. The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand; if you want to know the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.” 

– Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen

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Benefits of Shiatsu Therapy for Wellbeing

Shiatsu therapy enables people to come alive to their senses and increase awareness of their thoughts and emotions in any given moment. It is practising to be present to oneself. Through Shiatsu the receiver begins to experience their inner resources and is reminded of their true nature as a united, whole and complete being.

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Mindinsoma - A Place of Self-exploration and Health

Where Shiatsu and Somatic Practices Meet

Shiatsu for Pregnancy

Receiving Shiatsu during pregnancy has shown to be beneficial for countless of women. During pregnancy a woman goes through a lot of bodily changes and has to cope with the increasing demands of carrying and nourishing the foetus. In the first trimester Shiatsu is discouraged, like any other bodywork or massage therapy, as the development of the foetus in the beginning is in its most critical stage.

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About me

My journey has led me to beautiful New Zealand where the body and nature can be in harmony. I use all my experiences and background in my sessions and workshops and strive to make each one of them transformational where people leave feeling deeply touched, seen and heard, and opened up to new experiences.   

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One-To-One Somatic Movement Sessions

Somatic Movement Therapy & Education sessions offer a wide variety of somatic techniques and  methods to be of best service to the client’s needs in the moment. Each session begins with a dialogue, similar to person-centred counselling, in which the client is offered space to speak of their experience whilst being encouraged to listen in to any body sensations, emotions and prominent thoughts associated with it.

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"Why dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form when within thee the universe is folded?"

- Imam Ali

Each human being is inherently linked to and affected by its social environment, just as no cell of the body can exist in isolation outside the body. Most people live according to more or less conscious habitual patterns and beliefs adopted from our social context and shaped by past or present relationships. Just as our thoughts and emotions impact on our physiology and posture, mindful movement and skilful touch help bring flexibility to and effect cognitive and affective change. Whether aiming to improve posture, seek pain relief from physical movement patterns, address disempowering thought patterns for overcoming anxiety, explore better how to deal with stress Mindinsom uses a psychosomatic approach to increase emotional and social learning about these patterns to effect change. By increasing mindfulness and conscious awareness to existing patterns whilst supporting the creation of new and more resourceful neurobiological pathways in the body pain, rigidity and unease can be re-patterned and transformed into experiences of lightness, spaciousness, vitality and flow.

It is in the meeting with another that we come to know our self. The aim of both Shiatsu and Somatic Movement Therapy & Education is to find courage to be ourselves in every situation and find authenticity in our relationships. Embedded in person-centred counselling theory clients are supported to discover their own self-healing capacity. Many people today find themselves somewhere midway on a scale between healthy and sick. Mindinsoma aims to understand the phenomenon occurring for the client rather than searching for or emphasising a particular disease. Our focus is health promotion and preventive care. Rather than trying to be something different or fixing symptoms the work emphases the health of the whole and finding the strengths and potential already inside to create the right conditions for individual growth.

Through increased awareness and self-education the healthier and more united a person is the more sensitive they become to distortions and blockages in the body and thus better able to respond quicker when life circumstances throw them off centre. The client therefore plays an active role in their journey towards health and well-being. This work is for anyone who is interested in and curious to learn more about their mind-body connection and discover new empowering ways of moving and as a result better serve their own needs and the needs of others around them.

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